We have another superfight this month at the Submission Ace Championship.  Jorgji will be putting it on the line for MMAU 🙂



In the Teen match up of the Submission Ace Championship: Summer NoGi Classic S7 Superfights, get ready for a fast and technical clash between Austin Gartman and Jorgji Qiro!

Gartman, a Complete Fitness & Martial Arts product under Superfight Champion Professor Andrew McInnes boasts a solid wrestling pedigree on top of his BJJ skills. At the rank of green belt, he wiped out his blue belt division at this year’s Winter Gi Classic and is out to make a statement in this Superfight!

Qiro, an MMAU phenom is well known around the North American BJJ scene having won Kid’s Worlds as well as many other major tournaments in several countries! He will be taking a sizable weight deficit in this match up, but is hyper confident in his skills and is determined to get the win on May 28th!!

Don’t miss this display of the next generation of superstars, and make sure to register to compete yourself atwww.SubmissionAceChampionship.com/registration

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