Many people begin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a means to learn self-defense.  It is the perfect style of martial art for self defense because the majority of fights end up going to the ground, and if you know BJJ, you will be much better off than an untrained victim.  The majority of the population is completely clueless when it comes to fighting, so even if you are just a blue belt in BJJ, you will more than likely be levels above anyone who tries to pick a fight with you (unless you’re attacked by another BJJ blue belt, then you should score an advantage and stall them out).  Even if the person is trying to punch you, BJJ will teach you how to control the distance to mitigate damage, take them down, take their back, and put yourself in the advantageous position you need to end the fight.  All the live sparring that you do in training will help you stay calm under pressure, and it will give you the practice you need to perform your techniques on a resisting opponent.  Women especially are at risk because they are naturally smaller and weaker than men.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is empowering for women and gives them the confidence they need in case something were to happen.

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