The Alavanca Decide to Rise Program

The Alavanca 6 Month Decide to Rise Program

Alavanca has designed the Decide to Rise Program to properly build the skills and confidence of beginners through a systematic approach, participants don’t progress until they have mastered crucial skills and have the necessary fitness and confidence to tackle more advance techniques.

This program will challenge participants and push their bodies beyond their comfort zone. This challenge is the key ingredient that many believe can't be done through other sports

WEEKS 1 - 6
Improve your fitness and strength as you learn the basic foundations and movements of MMA. Just keep showing up.

WEEKS 7 - 17
Build confidence as your skills grow and you’re introduced to light contact and technical drills. Perseverance pays off.

WEEKS 18 - 26
Sharpen your mental game and back yourself. You’ll have the option to compete in an amateur event. What are you fighting for?

What's Included?

130 Group MMA Classes with qualified instructors.

You’ll look forward to your morning sessions with some of Alberta's best coaches. Train in a friendly and safe environment, the friendships you develop will last a lifetime. Learn MMA, combined with strength and conditioning training to bring your fitness to new heights.

Alavanca Training Gear

You’ll be equipped with quality gear to get you started. Your five essential items of training gear include a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps, MMA gloves, a pair of shinpads, and a mouthguard.

Two piece of Alavanca Fightwear

You’ll also receive one set of Alavanca training gear to wear during the your classes. You can choose between, shorts, compression pants, and rashguard.

Nutrition Plan

Your diet is arguably the most important aspect of your lifestyle commitment. Without adequate fuel, you just won’t have the energy to train at 100%. And even when you do train, your body won’t feel the full benefits if you have an unhealthy diet. Learn how to fuel your training sessions and eat well over the entire program to optimize your health and performance.

Class times, and how to sign up, etc....

When does the Decide to Rise Program start?

We start on January 9th at 6:15AM

When are the classes?

Classes are Monday to Thursday at 6:15AM to 7:15AM, you also have to options to attend our regular scheduled MMA class on Sundays at 12:00PM.

How much?

The Decide to Rise Program is a one time payment of $1299 or you can split into 3 payments of $450 to suite your budget.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by using on of the following links below depending on what payment option you wish to choose.

Sign Up Here


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